Training for Inclusivity, Diversity, and Equality

"Best Seat in the House!"

Jo speaks about what it's like to be a wheelchair user, and explores the conflict between freedom and exclusion.

Intersectionality & Inclusion

Jo speaks about intersectionality, using experience of what it's like to be disabled, LGBT+, and a woman to highlight the intersections between marginalised identities and how we can embrace those differences to truly address inequality.

Chronic Pain & Chronic Illness

What happens when your symptoms are invisible, or even unmeasurable? Jo talks openly about experiences with chronic illness, the difficulties and benefits of a diagnosis, the impact of chronic pain and fatigue on daily life, and what we can do to help.

"You're so Bipolar!" - Breaking Mental Health Stigma

We use terms like 'bipolar', 'OCD', and 'crazy' all the time, but what impact does that have on those of us with mental illness? Jo speaks on having bipolar disorder amongst the hyperboles.

Mental Illness Myths & Legends

Mental illness is all over the media, but how accurate are the portrayals? Jo takes us through mental health myths and legends in a light-hearted way, bringing in personal experience of mental illness.

Want Something Specific?

Looking for a speaker for your event, conference, or assembly? Please get in touch - we'd love to get involved!

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