Training for Inclusivity, Diversity, and Equality

LGBT+ Identities and Inclusion

Victoria, Flora, Jack, Ellie, and Pete

Unconscious Bias

Was really fun and interesting! Jo was an excellent trainer!


Unconscious Bias

Jo was a wonderfully eloquent and sensitive facilitator, taking into account the welfare and needs of participants at all times.


Unconscious Bias

Thank you so much! I really enjoyed the training. Hope to be able to attend more of your trainings.


Unconscious Bias

Really good. Put concrete examples to theory I’ve been thinking about


Active Bystander Intervention

Role-playing in training sessions for people new to the ideas is powerful but discussion of the scenarios worked well for this more expert audience.


Active Bystander Intervention

Very interesting and engaging session!


Active Bystander Intervention

Most useful: Different types of techniques of why or why not appropriate.
Least useful: NA

Julien S.

Active Bystander Intervention

Really good and relevant content that ca be used in all walks of life, both professional and personal.

Amina M.

Stonewall Access Consultation

Jo was an absolute pleasure to work with. In only two hours, we now have countless measures that can be taken to improve our large conferences. They were very supportive and optimistic of the work we are already doing, while at the same time constructively sharing ways to improve our events offering from the appropriate… Read more “Stonewall Access Consultation”

Yeme O., Stonewall

Exceptional individual

Jo has taught me both personally and in wider professional settings a number of times over the last 5 years, on topics ranging from Active Bystander Intervention training to identifying obstacles to accessibility or tackling implicit marginalisation in a constructive way. They have a nuanced approach to education that promotes deconstruction of preconceived ideas without… Read more “Exceptional individual”

Cameron Hector

Active Bystander training

Jo is an expert in all things equality, diversity and liberation. They have a breadth of knowledge in issues affecting many marginalised members of the community and is passionate about supporting these groups. I have worked with Jo in a previous role to deliver Active Bystander training which aims to create a culture whereby people… Read more “Active Bystander training”

Mike Potter

Disability Awareness Week

The session you ran for Disability Week was super informative, had great engagement with attendees and encouraged in-depth and educational discussion!

Xander G.

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